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Rubi-Con 3 in Detroit (April 6 - 8, 2001)
NFF movie #1 (1.4 MB MPEG)
NFF movie #2 (550 KB MPEG)
NFF movie #3 (525 KB MPEG)
(Yes, I know they're crappy, but I took them with a digital still camera, the Mavica FD91, which uses floppies... and isn't meant to take full motion video. Deal.)
Jeff and Tyger chilling in the hotel room Tyger checks out the schedule of events The rather nice sitting room in the hotel
The bedroom The neat-o kitchen area and shots of all of the crap that we brought. Another overview of the room shot.
We had some fun with the number on our door... ... and someone swapped it ... with the empty door to the left of ours. *grin* (It's great having people knocking on our door to find NFF, since he was in 1723... *grin*)
Tyger and j053 wait for an elevator J053 and Jeff meander aimlessly. The lobby of the hotel
The network room J053 and Jeff talk about stuff. I for someone reason volunteered to be in "Win NFF's T-shirts". I got two questions right, but NFF was too drunk to recognize them as correct answers.
NFF in true form. Team, "Fucking Losers" RijilV asks questions to an almost passed out NFF
Forno and a contest organizer answer questions. My table o' wares to sell (NOT warez, you lamer) Yet another shot (we sold most of the good stuff by then.)
Tyger mans the fort. Thanks yous to everyone who helped us out.



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